Saturday, 31 October 2015

PAX Aus 2015 and edible wargames (sampler)

I'm in the middle of a weekend at PAX Aus running edible wargames and having a blast. If you yourself are reading this after having met me today, Hi! I had a load of fun today and hope you did too.

I had a lot of people asking where they can get the rules for Tiny Teddies Go To War, Entree Invaders, and Rocky Road Warriors so I've directed them/you here so you have somewhere to look for them when I put them up after the weekend is over.

In the meantime, last year's rules can be found here, but I think that this year's ruleset is much improved since then.

Regardless, there's nothing stopping you from whipping up a set of silly rules and giving it a try yourself. That's what many other people before me have done and I hope you do it too.

I'd love to play your version.


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  2. Entree Invaders was one of the top highlights at PAX Aus!