Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Black Cats of Fool's Haven (5th ed adventure path)

There are many promising magicians in Fool's Haven, many of whom have familiars, and the most popular familiars (as any arcane pet store can tell you) are black cats. Considering the local vermin, it isn't much of a surprise.
But not every familiar dies when their owner does and a good number of sentient talking black cats have ended up homeless on the streets of the City of Adventure. They have tended to remain quiet, for revealing oneself can welcome unwanted attention.
The most notable of all the black cats of Fool's Haven is the dreaded Ebon Claw. Before taking on this monicker, the Claw was familiar to a rather powerful archmage. But the cat grew jealous of the master's power, so she slew him and stole his magic.
She now rules all the black cats who were once familiars, slaughtering all who will not join her. Other familiars tend to be butchered mercilessly, except for a few notable ravens who have turned coat.
The Ebon Claw sends her crews to destroy wizards and steal their spellbooks for some nefarious purpose. It's quite possible she wants to rule the world.

Act 1 (Low level)
A black cat rebel called Shadow breaks her silence and begs the adventurers for help. The Ebon Claw's gang are set to kill and rob an unsuspecting old wizard and they must be stopped. But what choice will they make between saving the wizard or allowing the cats to get away with a powerful item?

Act 2 (Mid level)
The Ebon Claw has revealed the first stage of her plan. She intends to turn everyone in Fool's Haven into mice, starting with the adventurers! Limited to tiny proportions and armed only with needles for swords and thimbles for helms, our heroes must find a way to save the town and return to full size before the cats can catch them.

Act 3 (High level):
The Ebon Claw reveals her most dastardly plan yet. She will grow to enormous size and conquer the world herself! Can the heroes save Fool's Haven from this gargantuan feline felon, or will they die trying?

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