Saturday, 11 July 2015

Beltane Springs (teaser)

Ah, Beltane Springs! A little piece of suburban paradise perfect for raising a family. 

Not too far from the big city but far enough for peace and quiet, this middle-class piece of quality real estate is the white picket-fence American dream close to good schools and shops. Neatly mown lawns and the smell of apple pie characterize this perfect neighbourhood, home to doctors, lawyers and notable businessmen.

But raising a family is never easy and being a Domestic Goddess often requires an art of its own. Call it a craft. Or a gift. Or (why not) let’s call it for what it is… Magick.

But don’t let anyone know I told you. It is, after all, a secret…

Beltane Springs: A soap-opera roleplay of suburban witchcraft

Beltane Springs is a roleplay where you get to tell stories like the ones in primetime TV shows about suburban witchcraft. You get to write the tales, star as the characters and experience the drama as you make it with your friends.

You don’t need to be a writer or actor, nor do you need to have done any roleplaying before. Simply bring your imagination and enthusiasm. Beltane Springs works with a very simple storytelling framework that doesn’t require any dice, nor does it require knowledge of many rules.

In Beltane Springs you play housewives of a wealthy neighbourhood who have a secret life as witches. Their families remain ignorant of this secret, though it may take effort to keep them in the dark. The coven the witches comprise help each other with magical issues, but the politics between them can often be a problem of its own.

In addition to playing your witch, you will also be able to play as the loving but oblivious husbands of the other witches in your coven. Maintaining a healthy marriage is a struggle all its own, but the rewards are great.

After all, isn’t love the greatest magic of all?

Grab some friends, a few hours off, some trinkets and beads (and maybe a margarita or two) and enjoy the magic of Beltane Springs

Coming soon.

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