Monday, 14 September 2015

#threeforged RPG contest (even more thoughts)

Games can be found here

My short reviews of all 103 games can be found here

I've just finished reviewing the last game on the list. It's been a bit of a marathon getting through them all, but incredibly rewarding.

The results at the end sit at:
12 meh games
40 OK games
50 Contenders
and one n/a (no download available).

My next step is to reassess the Contenders and decide which 20 will step up into Elite status. I'll select my top five from there.

What you should be looking at

  • Collaborative adventures -  Anonym, Automaton, Fear of the Dark, Fetch This!, Field Work, Gho5t, Imperial Measure, Magical Mystery Tour, Tales on the Weird Seas, The Clinic, The Quantum Haruspex, The Rending of the Veil, Timelines
  • Could be a board/card game - Aquila, At Any Cost, Forgeborn, Game of the Gods, 
  • Performance framework - Ad Libitum Absurdity, Last Year's Magic, Psychic Detective Agency, State Cinema, Ultranormal Encounters
  • Interplayer conflict - A Hard Goodbye, Dark Secret, Friends of the Venom Spider, If at first you don't succeed, It Is Forbidden, Mixtapes and Mistakes, Space Problems argh, The Hot Seat, The Perfected City, VHS Fury.
  • One session set-pieces - Conspiracy and Cowards, Life As It Was, Children's Radio Hour, Millennia, Spiral Star, The Policy of Truth, The Red Token, The Reunion, Transmission
  • Different approaches - Among Humans, Fallen Sky, House of Hades, Langer Memorial Trauma Centre, Pony Express, The Dream Palace, The World As Such, To Return a Wallet

Don't be put off a game just because I haven't raised it to Contender. Some of my favourite moments and mechanics were in games of OK or meh rating.

One of my key criteria for deciding if a game makes it to Elite status is if it's a complete product. There are a lot of Contenders which aren't quite as finished or polished as they need to be to be at the top of the class, so that will be the first thing I'll look at.

But not right now. right now I'm gonna take a nap.

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