Thursday, 20 November 2014

Current Writing Projects (list)

I've got a lot of writing projects on the burner at the moment and would love to give them all more time. Here's a rundown.

Intellectual Property
A sci-fi novel I've been working on. 10K words plus and I'm partway into Chapter 2.

Stubby Buddy Vol 5
A beer 'zine I collaborate on with a drinking buddy. There'll be 6 all up and we're really not in a hurry. previous volumes can be downloaded for free at

Freiberg: City of Adventure (conditions apply)
A comedy fantasy roleplaying setting for D&D5. I've run a couple of sessions and it's proved to be a good laugh.

Briarwolf Mythos
Stories and legends for my Swordcraft warband, the Briarwolf Pact. Very tribal with a touch of the old Werewolf flavour, but a beast all its own.

Beltane Springs
A roleplay game (and possible TV show) focusing on the Stepford Witches of Salem Gardens.

Outpost One
TV proposal for a TV series set on a lunar base.

LARP Magic proposal
Most larp combat games have poor magic. I wanna make something good.

The Module
A Theatrical Roleplay satirising the tropes of a dungeoneering party.

Wraith: Beyond the Threshold
A Theatrical Roleplay based on Wraith: the Oblivion.

A card game about managing a kickball club in the city of Freiberg.

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